About Me

As an aquarius born and raised in the glorious Colorado mountains, I became interested in acting when I was 13. I immediately began to search for a pre-professional education in the field - I spent my high school days at Idyllwild Arts Academy in California as a musical theatre major. There, I met many talented people from all over the world and was continuously surrounded by all types of art; Idyllwild was most certainly an artist haven! After graduating high school, I decided to continue my education at CCPA Roosevelt in Chicago, receiving my B.F.A. in acting May 2015. 
A pure artist and humanitarian at heart, I like to run, do yoga, paint, dance, and learn about the universe. I have recently been taking an interested in photography and pottery. I am intrigued by nature and love to adventure. 
I am drawn to art that breathes new life and ideas into creation- art that makes one question previous beliefs and morals- art that puts a creative lens upon the everyday life of human existence, in hopes of pushing boundaries and creating change to create a better, more open-minded world. 

"I'm a nut. But not just a nut."                                                                                                       -Bill Murray


Brookelyn is represented by DDO Artist Agency and is apart of the acting ensemble at The Artistic Home.